Interesting Personal Debt News Links (March 17, 2009)

March 17, 2009

* SMART REMARKS: Santelli is the anti-populist (Paul Franz, Lancaster New Era)

* Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, a Senate fixture, may have a serious Republican challenger (Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times)

* Repossessions up 68% in 2008 (Sandra Haurant, Guardian Unlimited)

* Early foreclosure filings hit record in O.C. (Orange County Register)

* First Family Church sells Linn County land it had intended for youth camp (Judy L. Thomas, Kansas City Star)

* FSA: Repossessions Rocket By Two-Thirds (Sky News)

* Seeking to tax AIG bonuses (Ellen Yan, Newsday)

* Proposed cap on mortgage lending by FSA is ‘suicidal’ say property experts (Harry Wallop, Telegraph)

* More auto loans in the ditch (Kansas City Star)

* Will Durst: Bye American (Will Durst, Bay Guardian)


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