* Watchdog to curb risky mortgages (Phillip Inman, Guardian Unlimited)

City watchdog the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is preparing a clampdown on risky mortgage lending by placing limits on the size of the loans offered to British homebuyers in a hard-hitting review of banking rules due this week.

* WSJ Looks at Arkansas Poultry Producers Facing Foreclosure (Lance Turner, Arkansas Business)

Like many Americans, Darris and Sarah Dixon are struggling with mortgage payments and trying to avoid bankruptcy.

* Landfills report up to 30% decline (Seattle Times)

In 2007, according to the EPA, Americans produced 254.1 million tons of household trash. Of that, by weight:

* The Pressure to feel Defeated (The Ledger)

Try to explain how perfectly ordinary it was to see the new Target Superstore at the Rolling Oaks Common shopping plaza in Four Corners have its grand opening on March 8 – and draw in a strong crowd?

* NH foreclosure victims may still face trouble (Shawne K. Wickham, Union-Leader)

If you’re one of the thousands of New Hampshire homeowners who are behind in their mortgages, you might think that letting the bank foreclose and walking away from your home will end your troubles.

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* Lost in Transition: R.I.’s economy has failed to keep with the times (Benjamin N. Gedan, Providence Journal)

* Boom-years borrowing hits churches (Rachel Zoll)

* Foreclosure court can buy you some time (Mark Brown, Chicago Sun-Times)

* Economic hurricane? Florida county may declare itself a disaster area (San Diego Union-Tribune)

* Are mortgage deductions really at risk? (Kenneth R. Harney, San Diego Union-Tribune)

* Citigroup could cut 70,000 jobs; India, Mex, Brazil loans sour (Philadelphia Inquirer)

* Mortgage ‘fix’ often not enough (Marilyn Kennedy Melia, Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

* Editorial: Strong region in a weak economy (Gatehouse Media, Daily News Tribune)

* Battle of the basic cable network hosts (Tuscaloosa News)

* Signs of trouble at Sienna Corp. (Suzanne Ziegler, Star Tribune)

* Fraud lands Yao 5-year prison term (Esteban Parra, News Journal)

* Decline in borrowing continued in December (Martin Crutsinger)

* Calif. fugitive charged in $100M mortgage fraud (Don Thompson)

* New rules raise the bar for condo mortgages in Fla. (Jupiter Courier)

* Lagan: ‘Government run amok’ (Gatehouse Media, Milford Daily News)

* Bankrupt homeowners may have a new option (Kenneth Harney, Washington Post Writers Group)

* Obama to talk economics in struggling SW Florida (William Gibson, S. Florida Sun-Sentinel)

* Authorities Charge Group With Indoor Pot Growing Operation (WMUR)

* Agency consolidation criticized

* Steelworkers ‘waiting for axe to fall’ (Andrew Bounds, The Financial Times)