* States Move to Cut, Cap Property Taxes (Martin A. Vaughan, Wall Street Journal)

Soaring property values in recent years swelled the coffers of counties and municipalities, raising calls for property-tax cuts. Now, even as foreclosures and dwindling home sales shrink local tax bases, a number of state governments are slashing or capping property-tax rates.

* Curse of the Zombie Banks Haunts Fed (Mark Gongloff, Barron’s)

The Federal Reserve’s lending programs have saved the financial system’s life. They also could be making its life miserable.

* Got an ARM? Now might be the time to refinance (Connie Thompson, KVAL)

The Federal Reserve just threw more than a trillion dollars at the housing market, and now we’re looking at some of the lowest mortgage rates in years.

* DON’T PAY FOR WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR FREE (Michael L. Diamond, Asbury Park Press)

The phone call from a mortgage-modification company last fall couldn’t have come at a better time for Roy and Ilene Smith. The Hazlet couple was in debt and needed relief.

* Tempers flare at Saturday meeting over payday loan businesses (Julie Anderson, El Dorado Times)

The issue of money and fair lending regulations brought about a heated discussion Saturday afternoon.

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